About Me

A client of mine, once had a problem. He was losing time performing tasks that took away from his income-generating job. So he reached out to me after I responded to a ‘lil old job ad (Best. Decision. Ever.), with the hope that I could take some pressure off of him and get him back on track. From there, he recommended me. I have built upon a small empire, a group of software developers that I represent online in various ways.

Who am I?

I’m Mandy. And I am what the “Interwebz” call a Virtual Administrative Assistant (or VA). I specialize in helping devs be more productive by performing a variety of tasks, so they don’t have to. I don’t charge exorbitant amounts of money like all these other crappy VA websites. Chances are you’re here by word of mouth and I’m going to maintain that. I’m no BS. I have references.

Areas of Expertise:

Currently, I spend most of my time working on booking guests, audio editing, and organizing podcasts such as The Ruby Rogues, JavaScript Jabber, The Freelancers’ Show, The iPhreaks ShowWide Teams and most recently, The Food Fight Show.

I also do travel research and booking, social media management, blog management, email handling and communication, client scheduling, research tasks, and other miscellaneous things (as needed). I will also tutor you if you’re looking to edit your own podcast.

I have appeared as a guest on:

The Ruby Rogue’s 100th Episode: Behind the Scenes with The Ruby Rogues. (I come on ~33:00)
The Freelancer’s Show: Episode 083: Virtual Assistance with Mandy Moore

I also volunteered at the 2013 Lone Star Ruby Conf in Austin, TX.

Bottom line:

I have especially taken interest in helping software developers. Why? I aim to help them be more productive while they write code and do whatever else they want. This is pretty much why I have a crappy website with a blog format. I’m too busy worrying about their stuff. You’re here because you’ve heard of me. I don’t promote myself. My clients promote me.

Email me: mandy@rubyrep.com.

Organizing a conference? I’m interested in helping. Want to learn how to edit podcasts? Let’s talk.

NEW! Introducing DevReps!

You asked for it and I’m giving it to you! See the Inaugural Issue of the newsletter here and learn about what I’m offering. I’m still going to be in the thick of it all…

…But even Santa has his little helpers.


I would like to use the money I earn from Gittip to be able to start an agency where I hire people that I deeply trust to carry on my reputation and hard work ethic so that I no longer have to turn away additional devs seeking assistance. If you like what I do for the community, please feel free to donate to my venture!